10 Interesting Facts about the Mongols

If you want to know the famous history of Mongolia, you have to check out Facts about The Mongols. In the past, Mongols were very famous in the world with their war tactics, warriors, Genghis Khan and horseback. The Mongols men were always depicted as the fearsome warriors. They liked to go to the war and conquered other lands. Find out more facts about the Mongols below:

Facts about The Mongols 1: the Mongol women

Most historians depicted about the Mongol men when they were at war. What about the depiction of the Mongol women? You have to believe that Mongol women had great position. They were allowed to be involved with business. There is no need to wonder that Mongols also had some great female rulers.

Facts about The Mongols 2: the death of Genghis Khan

The death of Genghis Khan made the daughters and daughters in law of his took over the power in Mongolia.

Facts about The Mongols

Facts about The Mongols

Facts about the Mongols 3: Mandhuhai

Mandhuhai was one of the famous queens in Mongolia. She tried to unite the kingdoms left behind by Genghis Khan after his death. Even though she participated in the war, she could bear 8 children by marrying a 17-year old prince. Check out other people in Mohawk Tribe facts.

Facts about The Mongols 4: the efficient communication

The Mongols could develop the efficient communication. They realized that the nature in the Mongolia was very lush. Therefore, it was very difficult for the leaders and officers to communicate. They invented the postal system or checkpoint to solve this problem.

The Mongol Pic

The Mongol Pic

Facts about The Mongols 5: the shock tactics

The Mongols were very famous with their shock tactics when invading other kingdoms. They will use the psychological warfare, surprise attack, fake withdrawals and hostage taking to win the war.

Facts about The Mongols 6: starting the war

When the war started, the Mongols would like to use the armor piercing arrows to fight their enemies. They also laid the tactics by using brutal cavalry.

The Mongols Facts

The Mongols Facts

Facts about the Mongols 7: Silk Road

During the reign of Genghis Khan, the Silk Road was conquered by the Mongols. It was considered as the main trade route between Europe and Asia. Then it became the main source of economy for the Mongols. They charged the people who passed this route with taxes or toll.

Facts about the Mongols 8: The Pax Mongolica

The period of prosperity and peace in Mongolia was called The Pax Mongolica. In the 13th and 14th centuries, the Mongols conquest began.

The Mongol Map

The Mongol Map

Facts about The Mongols 9: the high power

When the Mongols were in the pinnacle of their power, the empire spanned around 9.3 million square miles.

Facts about the Mongols 10: Batu Khan

Batu Khan was the grandson of Genghis Khan who established a very large kingdom in Mongolia in 1251.

The Mongol Image

The Mongol Image

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