10 Interesting Facts about the Incas

In this article, we will talk about the interesting facts about the Incas. The Incas referred to a society of the Inca Empire which was centered in what are now Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and southern Colombia, from 1438 AD to 1533 AD. The political, administrative, and military center of the empire had location in Cusco in Peru modern. To know more facts about the Incas check the list below.

Facts about the Incas 1: Name

The term Inka means ruler, or “lord,” in Quechua, and was used to refer to the ruling class or the ruling family in the empire. That term was adopted by The Spanish (transliterated as Inca in Spanish) as an ethnic term referring to the subjects of the empire which more simply for the ruling class.

Facts about the Incas 2: Population

Population estimates for the Incas society range from as few as 9 million people to more than 37 million. Almost all of them were destroyed by the Spanish in the course of their conquest. Find more facts about the Houses of Parliament here

Facts 2 (Population)

Facts 2 (Population)

Facts about the Incas 3: Inca Childhood

The Inca would wash the baby in cold water and wrap it in a quilt when a child was born. Later, the baby was put in a pit in the ground as a simple playground. The baby could expect to receive very severe discipline by around age one. At age fourteen, boys earned a loincloth in a ceremony to mark their manhood. Boys from noble families were subjected to many different procedures of endurance and knowledge.

Facts about the Incas 4: Inca Women

Women played important role in Inca Society. Their principal role in society was to care for their children, cook, weave, make beer and work at the fields; however, they had many other tasks. They cleaned to make their lives after marriage very busy.

Facts 4 (Inca Women)

Facts 4 (Inca Women)

Facts about the Incas 5: Marriage

Inca women were usually married at the age of sixteen while men married at the age of 20. In the Inca society, a wedding was not a joyous celebration. Instead, it was looked at more as a business-like agreement. Therefore, for the Inca, marriage was an economic agreement between two families.

Facts about the Incas 6: Metalwork

The Inca made beautiful objects of gold, silver, copper, bronze and tumbaga. The metal works of the Incas were perhaps the most advanced in America.

Facts 6 (Metalwork)

Facts 6 (Metalwork)

Facts about the Incas 7: Religion

The belief system of the Incas was polytheistic. Inti, the Sun God, was the most main god, the Incas believed that the direct ancestor of the Sapa Inca, was the title of the empire’s hereditary rulers .

Facts about the Incas 8: Deities

Inti (Sun God and patron deity of the holy city of Cusco)Viracocha (created all living things) , Apu Illapu (Rain God), Ayar Cachi (Hot-tempered God), Illapa (Goddess of lightning and thunder) are the names of the Inca deities.

Facts 8 (Deities)

Facts 8 (Deities)

Facts about the Incas 9: Language

The official language of the Incas was Quechua, although hundreds of local languages and dialects of Quechua were spoken. The other languages of Incas were Aymara, Puquina, Jaqi family, Muchik and scores of smaller languages.

Facts about the Incas 10: Food and Farming

It is estimated that the Inca planted around seventy crop species. The main crops were potatoes, sweet potatoes, maize, chili peppers, cotton, tomatoes, peanuts, oca (edible root), the pseudograins quinoa and amaranth.  Find more facts about the Harp here

Facts 10 (Food and Farming)

Facts 10 (Food and Farming)

Hopefully those interesting facts about the Incas will enrich your sources of reading.

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