10 Interesting Facts about The British Isles

One of these following facts about The British Isles should give you much information about the isles. The British Isles are a group of the north western coast in Europe. It consist of the islands of Great Britanian, Ireland and over six thousand smalles isles. And the biggest are Great Britania and The Ireland. For further information you might want to know the facts about The British Isles below.

Facts about The British Isles 1 : Oldest Rock

Oldest rock in the group are in the north west of Scotland, Ireland and North Wales. They are 2,700 million years old. And they were became the oldest rock in British Isles.

Facts about The British Isles 2 : Great Britain

Great Britain separated into 2 kingdoms of England and Scotland. Those 2 kingdoms controlled Great Britain with each part on contractually.


Facts about The British Isles 3 : Low Altitude

The British Isles has low altitudes, with central Ireland and southern Great Britain particularly low lying. The lowest point in Holme, Cambridgeshire at -2.75 m (-9.02 ft).

Facts about The British Isles 4 : Ireland

Ireland had controlled by Gaelic kingdoms, Hiberno-Norman lords and the English dominated Lordship of Ireland, then restricted only to The Pale.


Facts about The British Isles 5 : Animals

Some animals such as wolf, bear also the European elk are today extinct. Some animals such as red deer are protected. Mammals such as rabbits, foxes, badgers, hares, hedgehogs and stoats are very common.

Facts about The British Isles 6 : Demographics

The demographics of the British Isles generally by high density of population in England, which almost 80% of total population in the islands. The largest urban area that called Greater London Urban Area composed by 9 million inhabitants.


Facts about The British Isles 7 : Politics

The British Isles have two sovereign states, there are Ireland and The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Ireland governs five sixths of the island of Ireland. And Northerm Ireland, become apart of The United Kingdom of Great Britain. Northerm Ireland well known as United Kingdom.

Facts about The British Isles 8 : European Union (EU)

Ireland and The United Kingdom be the part of The European Union. The state which as crown dependencies are not a part of European Union. But still can join the activities because still has limited privileges and obligations that were negotiated as a part of UK’s occession to the European Union. The part of European Union can access free passport between member EU state.


Facts about The British Isles 9 : Culture

The British Isles had concern on a entertainment culture. It provide much television show and also sport competitions that include all around the world. In sport, there is football match which favorited by all the humans in the world. And also television show such as The X-Factor, Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model in 2011, Costa Book Award etc.

Facts about The British Isles 10 : Transportations

Transportations tool which used by goverment to give service to the inhabitant are train, ship, plane, bus etc. The transportation always become orientation because it can everything going well. One of the well known airport is London Hearthrow Airport which the busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic.


Those are the facts about The British Isles. There are many interesting facts. Hope those points give much informations that give benefit for all people.

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