10 Interesting Facts about the Hindenburg

Here I will tell you facts about the Hindenburg which probably give you several information about it. The Hindenburg Line was a German position of the defensive strategy into the World War I. It built during the winter by German in 1916-1917 located in the Western Front from Arras to Laffaux. Near Soissons of the Aisne. Then here are facts about the Hindenburg which need you to know below.

Facts about the Hindenburg 1 : Brusilov Offensive

The Brusilove Offensive in 1916, inflicted big losses of Austro-Hungarian armies in Russia. The German eastern armies forced the German in the Eastern Front.

Facts about the Hindenburg 2 : Construction

The construction of the Hindenburg Line was built at September 1916. The Hindenburg built as anticipation to counter the increased power of Anglo-French attacks in 1917.

Facts 2 Western Front 1917

Facts 2 Western Front 1917

Facts about the Hindenburg 3 : Battle of the Somme 1916

The German armies in the Somme had their high on strain in August 1916. Ten divisions brought to the Somme to fight against the Anglo-French. This was the great battle. Find more facts about the Hand here

Facts about the Hindenburg 4 : German Strategy

The changed strategy built by Hindenburg and Ludendorff. The Hindenburg program created to increase 100% of the productivity of ammunition and trench mortars.

Facts 4 Map Battle of Somme

Facts 4 Map Battle of Somme

Facts about the Hindenburg 5 : Defensive Fortification

Hindenburg was a defensive strategy for Western front, then five defensive positions planned to built the basis of Abwehrschlacht (defensive battle) which expected in 1917. There were some positions on the defensive strategy include Flanders Position, Wotan Position, Siegfried Position, etc.

Facts about the Hindenburg 6 : Anglo-French Strategy

The German was far from defeat, but in the 1916 German was forced back in the Somme and Verdun. The forced was built by Anglo-French which applied the offensive strategy due to the cooperate works with Allies based on the Chantilly Conference. Find more facts about the Harp here

Facts 6 Franz Stassen

Facts 6 Franz Stassen

Facts about the Hindenburg 7 : Operations on the Acre 1917

The attacked of Anglo French stopped by the winter weather in mid-November in 1916. Then, in 1 January, German took attack on Hope Post near the Baeumont Hamle, which was lost to a British attack on 5 January.

Facts about the Hindenburg 8 : Principles of Field Fortification

The Principles of Field Fortification published in January 1917. This contain instructions of defenses in depth, due to the principles of the disguise and greater depth delivered by dispersal and camouflage.

Facts 8 Mine Crater in Athies April 1917

Facts 8 Mine Crater in Athies April 1917

Facts about the Hindenburg 9 : Value of Ground

The defensive position determined by the value of ground. The lie of land gave the defender into a tactical advantage. While the defensive was most depended on the condition of land.

Facts about the Hindenburg 10 : Anglo-French Offensive Preparations

Anglo-French armies consist by British and French. In 1917, they were agreed at the Allied Conference in Chantilly from 15-16 November 1916. The operations continued after the winter, while there were fresh troops applied to join in the armies.

Facts 10 Deutsche Stellungen 1918

Facts 10 Deutsche Stellungen 1918

Those are facts about the Hindenburg which important to know, then hopefully those facts will give you several advantages.

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