10 Interesting Facts about The Gautrain

Let’s check out one of the modern transportation called the Gautrain and here are the Facts about The Gautrain which need you to know. Since transportation become important needs on humans, development on transportation become the priority of a country. The Gautrain is a mass rapid transit railway system which has 80-kilometre length and located in Gauteng Province, South Africa. This kind of transportation connects Johannesburg, Pretoria, Ekhuruleni, and OR Tambo International Airport. Find out facts about the Gautrain below.

Facts about The Gautrain 1 : Purpose

South Africa had a busy traffic, it’s hard to across among the traffic by use the current transportation. To reliever the traffic congenstion set as the purpose on built Gautrain. Using Gautrain makes people feel the viable to road transport to a place which has limited public transport infrastructure.

Facts about The Gautrain 2 : Construction

Construction of Gautrain had 6 years long. It started on 28 September 2006 and completed on 7 June 2012. By 6 years construction, there were delays caused by the problem of excess water seeping in tunnel between two stations served.

Facts 2 Gautrain-OR Tambo International Airport

Facts 2 Gautrain-OR Tambo International Airport

Facts about The Gautrain 3 : Modern Transport Network

Gautrain as the modern transport network in South Africa which build by a partnership between local and international experts in business. By built the Gautrain then formed the biggest Public-Private Partnership in Africa. It set as the new technology installed in Africa, by Gautrain 20% of car numbers in N1 Schoeman Highway could be cut.

Facts about The Gautrain 4 : Construction Phase

Construction of Gautrain took the two phases. First phase was made the Gautrain components between OR Tambo and International Airport, then second phase was completed or refined the final constructions. The first phase took 45 months and the second took for 54 months.

Facts 4 Sandton Gautrain Station

Facts 4 Sandton Gautrain Station

Facts about The Gautrain 5 : Technologies

Trailway set into the underground. First step was made a tunnel by digging the ground in specific depth. The tunnel completed in 11 September 2009. Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) employed to South Africa on doing the project. While, it leaves behind on a watertight and smooth lining. Diameter tunnel set to 6.8 m.

Facts about The Gautrain 6 : Passenger Traffic

The first test track for passenger made on 3 February 2009 by 150 people on a 3 km trip at the depot. The part system between Sandton and OR Tambo Airport first opened for public on 8 June 2010 during the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. That’s just particularly opened, while the complete opening held on 7 June 2012 which Johannesburg Park Station as the completed route.

Facts 6 Gautrain Rail Reserve Midrand

Facts 6 Gautrain Rail Reserve Midrand

Facts about The Gautrain 7 : Cape Gauge

The national railway network usually set 1,067 mm of Cape Gauge into the tracks, while Gautrain took the higher to the standard amount 1,435 mm. It used on some reasons, while to make the broader gauge were safer and more comfortable to passengers. Rolling stock also used as the combination, but usually it only used for the new track on Gautrain. Find more facts about the Florida Everglades here

Facts about The Gautrain 8 : Network

The network of Gautrain has 80 kilometres long and it connected on some common public transport, include taxis, buses, and the Metrorail public train system. Several Gautrain buses can used to destinations by commuters within 15 kilometres radius. Ot has 160 kilometres per house on speed. Network serves between Johannesburg and Pretoria, Sandton to the OR Tambo International Airport, etc.

Facts 8 Gautrain Route Network

Facts 8 Gautrain Route Network

Facts about The Gautrain 9 : Criticism

Critics blow up when the Gautrain built. Huge cost spent which funding by public’s money, while in South Africa there were much cases on poor and starving. Also, the Gautrain was didn’t took solutions on the lack transportation especially in Gauteng which mostly urban lived here. But the supporters of Gautrain told the it built intended to reduce pressure on Johannesburg’s overload system.

Facts about The Gautrain 10 : Environmental Issues

Impact on environment still on debated. While, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) told that Gautrain had the best of environmentally neutral. Coal-based electricity generation which used in South Africa then required for Gautrain. In addition, the pollution which resulted, will transport to the Mpumalanga region. Mpumalanga has much of pollution so that it will only collected on it, not to others region. Find more facts about Florida Panther here

Facts 10 Gautrain in Depot Retouched

Facts 10 Gautrain in Depot Retouched

Then, you’ve got Facts about The Gautrain. Now, you understand what’s fact of Gautrain then you can compare it to other transportation which has similar technologies on built it.

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